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Maja in her studio "Her music curiosity and broad interest in various, sometimes distant genres (Baroque, contemporary music, free Jazz), make her into such a unique artist. With the same passion, Maja performs music of Eighteenth and music of Twenty first century."(Srdjan Tosic, classical guitarist/professor-University of Belgrade) guitar pegs guitar soundhole
guitar strings Maja in concert "I was impressed by the variety of Maja's repertoire and her skill to improvise, especially. Variety of styles that she is familiar with in depth is amazing!" (Don Freund, composer) guitar tuning pegs
guitar graphic "Maja is a very sophisticated performer, with an exceptional sense for style in which pieces in her repertoire are written! Her interpretation always brings something very authentic, as a result of her studios research of performance practice of given music period." (Ernesto Bitetti, classical guitarist/guitar professor-IU, Bloomington) double guitar guitar and oboe duo